About Us

Passionate about swimming, we are a club formed under the umbrella of the Masters Swim Association of BC, Swim Canada, and Swim BC.

The Ebbtides Swim Club began in 1980 with just 14 members under the direction of Lois Gonyer Walkling, our founding coach. We now have about 70 members from 19-76 years of age and some have been with the club for over 30 years! We provide pool time and coaching for recreational and competitive swimmers.

We have hosted our local swim meet every year for 35 years (there was a short break in our record due to COVID). This is a great meet for both new and seasoned swimmers. Meets bring together swimmers who support and encourage each other and create team spirit both within and across clubs. Of course, participation in Masters swim meets is optional, but it is fun to earn points for the club and to see how all that training really does improve swim times. It's amazing to see how one's energy level and motivation goes up after swimming in a meet.

Our club organizes socials so club members can get to know their fellow swimmers 'with their clothes on'. Look for E-mail invitations sent out to all members.