The following is our COVID 19 plan that has been approved by the city.
Start date: Monday September 14, 2020
Sessions are:
Monday and Wednesday 7:15-8:15pm or Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:00am.

You must only swim on your sign up days of the week in order to remain within your training cohort. Registration is on a first come first serve basis as we can only have 20 swimmers per session. Monthly fees are $65 per month with September registration already including the MSABC fee. Monthly fees starting October will be $65 per month plus the $45 MSABC fee.

Information for facility use:

There cannot be any shared equipment so please bring your own equipment as well as your own water bottle.
The pool will not have the change rooms open. The washroom and deck shower beside the main pool will be available. Hot tub and steam room are closed.
We are to enter and exit the pool at the deep end and can only arrive 10 minutes prior to our swim session and we must vacate the pool as soon as the session is over.
Swimmers must come to the pool "swim ready" and the bleachers will be pulled out to store personal belongings but please keep these to a minimum.

The program will have to run month to month until the city gives us the go ahead with a contract.

Please review our Illness Policy as part of the COVID 19 procedures as well as the participation agreement policy.

For the 2020/2021 season we will only accept online registrations and e-transfer as a form of payment.